Bruxism is when you clench (tightly hold your top and bottom teeth together) or grind (slide your teeth back and forth over each other) your teeth.  Do you wake up with dull headaches or vise-like pain? It is estimated that up to 95% of all people experience bruxism - teeth grinding - at some time in their lives. Many people are unaware they even have the disorder (bruxism) because it often occurs at night during sleep. We can however usually detect the telltale signs of bruxism by the wear on your teeth. Bruxism or "grinding" can cause teeth to become painful or loose. Patients can literally grind away portions of their teeth, leaving them with worn surfaces or fractured enamel. Teeth grinding may be caused by stress or sleep disorders, an abnormal bite, or crooked or missing teeth. If you wake up in the morning with stiff and painful jaw muscles, you may well have been clenching during the night. This habit can cause not only aching muscles but can wear down your teeth and damage dental work. If you think you might be grinding your teeth, schedule an appointment to talk with us about your symptoms and concerns. We’ll help you develop a treatment plan that is right for you. Teeth grinding doesn’t have to be a pain anymore.