dry mouth


Many people suffer from dry mouth. This unpleasant condition of dry mouth may be caused by certain diseases, use of prescription drugs or even old age. Saliva serves a purpose: it coats and lubricates the oral tissues, cleanses the mouth and neutralizes acidic and alkaline foods. If you have dry mouth or "insufficient saliva" over a period of time it can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Some at-home treatments that may help with dry mouth include drinking more fluids, sugarless lozenges and using artificial saliva. To help fight against dry mouth, it’s also important to have regular dental checkups and to brush and floss daily. Some patients can benefit from saliva substitutes prescribed by a dentist. Please schedule an appointment with us if you find dry mouth to be a problem. We can help to identify the source of your problem and get you started on an appropriate treatment regimen. Remember, you don’t have to suffer from this common, annoying condition any longer.