intra-oral camera


As a valued patient, I'd like to share some news with you that our practice is very excited about. We recently purchased a new piece of equipment, an intra-oral video camera. One of the newest advances in dentistry today, this camera is used as a scanning device during oral examinations. The intra-oral camera allows both the dentist and the patient to view a picture of the teeth and gums on a television monitor. The intra-oral camera enables us to see the health status of oral tissues, broken or cracked fillings, infections and more. Patients are also able to see before-and-after treatment pictures from the intra-oral camera that allow them to better understand and become more involved in their oral health care. We have incorporated this camera into our examination process as part of our commitment to offer you the highest quality, most innovative dental care. Please feel free to stop by our office to preview this piece of equipment or to schedule an examination to see firsthand how helpful this new technology is.