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Cracked Teeth

Do you feel a sharp pain when you bite down or release biting pressure? Do you avoid certain foods or chew on only one side of your mouth? If so, you may have a cracked tooth. Cracked teeth are defects in the tooth structure. Often cracked teeth are invisible to the naked eye and do not even show up on X-rays. Cracked teeth can result from a blow to the mouth, teeth grinding, temperature extremes, loss of tooth structure due to a large cavity, filling or other restoration, and chewing on hard objects or foods. Even though your pain may be only occasional, it’s important to tell us that you’re having these symptoms. Over time cracks can worsen and affect the pulp deep inside the tooth. If the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, the tooth may need root canal treatment. If a crack becomes too severe the tooth may need to be extracted. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, please call our office and schedule an appointment. We’d like to help you detect any problems in their earliest stages.